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Emission Standards

Discover the Euro emission class of your vehicle, ensuring you're informed about its environmental impact and compliance with regulations.

Dimensions & Weight

Get detailed insights into your vehicle's primary dimensions and total mass. Essential for understanding space requirements and weight limitations.

Discover Every Detail About Your Vehicle – From Fuel Efficiency to Safety Features, All in a Legally Valid Document!


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Engine Identification

Quickly identify your vehicle's engine type and characteristics with its unique engine code. Perfect for parts replacements and specialized services.

Wheel Specs

"Learn about your vehicle's homologated wheel sizes and specs. Ensure safe and optimal performance by using wheels that are certified for your car.

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Unlock Your Vehicle’s Full Potential with Our Technical Data Sheet!

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Firstly, our document encompasses over 50 data points with precise technical information about your vehicle, authenticated by its VIN and unique control number. While some manufacturers may offer this information, often for free, the waiting period typically exceeds four weeks. Additionally, the language of the documentation is limited to the manufacturer’s region. Online databases typically only have access to about 20% of the information our document provides. To even gather that percentage, one would need to navigate 2-3 specific sites, not all of which cater to European models or other vehicle types such as motorcycles and vans.

You can request a Technical Data Sheet for all vehicle types under categories M, L, and N, produced for European, American, Asian, and Australian markets. The only stipulation is that the vehicle must have been manufactured after 1997. We also fully support electric vehicles.

Vehicles manufactured before 1997 aren’t available in digital databases. However, we offer a specialized service that, while not instant, can compile a comprehensive technical sheet for vehicles produced as far back as 1936 within five working days.

While the TDS isn’t a vehicle conformity certificate but a detailed sheet of technical specifications, it can be an invaluable tool for registration processes that require specific vehicle details. Additionally, it’s commonly used to calculate customs duties and import/export costs. The TDS provides comprehensive technical information about a vehicle, including emissions and fuel consumption.

We stand by a complete satisfaction guarantee. Our top priority is our clients’ satisfaction. If there are any issues, inaccuracies, or if the generated report doesn’t meet the expected standards, we offer a full refund plus a 50% coupon for your next order.

Reach out to our customer service with your request. We’re continuously adding new languages, aiming to cover at least the major 20 in the coming months. Let us know, and we’ll prioritize adding your language.